Saturday, 8 March 2008

New blog

New blog new blog newblog nublog nooblogg nueblogue.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, persons and persons out there. I have a theory with blogs, which I shall now elucidate.

"The meanderings of one person's life, however interesting it might seem to them, really isn't so much".

I put that in quoth marks to make it seem like I read it in a book, or copied it off Jacques Cousteau or someone submarinal like that. So the solution to this grand problem my friend Richard Hadden -- he lives fifteen minutes and thirteen metro stops from me in Paris -- and I came up with is to write each other's blogs. And to put them on the same blog. I'm Patrick Nailor by birth, Bagpuss Nailor after an obsession Richard's got with bagpuss. (He calls everything bagpuss, especially all cats -- even the ones he's allergic to).

Yes, yes yes. The other solution I hear you say is that we should just not write a blog at all. But what would be the fun in that, given that in this grimmold state of hyperreality and Web 2.0, no one can afford not to have a blog. Even if no one reads it, it's an hour of the day spent somethinging rather than nothinging. I put my spare time to not much use, and Richard has nothing but spare time, and writing a blog is better than writing Poetry, even that grand old beat poetry.

So to make things clear, I'm going to write in ITALICS -- that's the slanty writing -- and Richard, when he writes stuff, which he probably will get round to eventually, will write in NOT-ITALICS (which will look something like that, I guess).

We had planned to write this first blog together, introduce ourselves and our fun life in Paris. Mine is spent sitting on city metro trains listening to American old time blues music, and occasionally I go out with friends to bars and stuff. Richard is writing a novel and he'll tell you all about that when he staggers back from his job interview. So yes, though I said we would write this together -- promised, actually, I did (that man's got serious editorial control issues) -- I pre-empted him, asked his housemate to look up the password for this blog on his computer, and wrote this.

Hope he won't be too angry.

So, welcome.

love Bagpuss Nailor

(postal correspondence to:
15 rue Bagnolière
75010, Paris

By the way, this is Richard's blog, and those "ARTS", as he calls them, are stuff he thinks is, like, well cool. We disagree on this point.

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