Wednesday, 12 March 2008


I had a quiet day in today, which explains why I haven't written anything.

What do you lot want to know, the contents of my shopping? Ok, you do. Here it is. I went to Franprix and spent 10 euros and 81 cents on:

Jar of pesto
Some sausage
A bottle of shampoo
A bag of fairtrade Peruvian coffee (the one from Honduras disagreed with me)
Six eggs

With that I made a four-egg omlette, because two of the eggs were broken in the box, and then I contemplated things about life, just stopping before I would consider myself pretentious.

In other news, Richard got a job yesterday, which he told me by way of Skype because he was too tired to trawl all the way across town. Then, by all accounts, by the account of some Facebook stalking, he got a bit drunk and talked about ducks all night before dissolving in a fit of giggles.

He does this a lot, like the time we first met, and lots of other times according to some of his friends.

I'm sure he'll tell you all about it.

More of this fun tomorrow.

love Bagpuss

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