Saturday, 26 July 2008

Shit a brick

That's a phrase that's been going about for a while; things get thrown, my face implodes on itself, and I find myself back in Bristol. Goodbye Bagpuss, my obsession is finished.

(Maybe it will recommence. That is what I need).

The point was: there is a misspelling in the URL of this blog (because I can't type oculardexterity, the thing I type more than any other singular thing) which caused me to flip and not write any more of it. Plus that job was killing me. But I don't have it any more.

So that's the end of this blog, which might start up again, properly spelt, when my life becomes interesting again.


p.s. hello Bagpuss.

1 comment:

Mousie said...

I'm liking the bagpuss fixation ... saggy cloth cats forever !